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Author Services

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Burning Bulb Publishing requires that all manuscripts be professionally edited before we can consider them for publication. If you do not have an editor, we can help by offering assistance with spelling, grammar, punctuation, typesetting, and sentence structure. 


With Burning Bulb's team by your side, you can be assured that your book will look great and read well.

Burning Bulb will work with our authors to provide various tools to successfully market their book. However, how well a book sells is heavily dependent on the goals of an author, and how actively they choose to promote their book. It is extremely important for authors to be very visible, creating an online presence, talking on the radio, organizing book signings, and reaching and exceeding their sales goals. We also understand that sometimes some authors only sell a handful of copies, mostly to friends and family, because that's all they want to sell. Whatever the author's goals we want to help provide tools and resources.

Burning Bulb uses print-on-demand (POD) for publishing books. This allows the authors to choose from one book to thousands.  By doing this it allows authors to order the number of books they need when needed instead of keeping an inventory in a back room. 

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