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Introducing the complete set of erotica stories from the controversial anthology, "The Big Book of Bizarro," by Burning Bulb Publishing.

Featuring the following twelve bizarro works:

  • One Hell of a Band by J.T. Seate
  • Lester's Ominous Gift by Eva Hore
  • The Gathering by Madeleine Swann
  • Womb With a View by Reina Sobin
  • Love Bites by Andrée Lachapelle
  • Pomegranate Moth by Richard Godwin
  • Sonata for Insects and Violins by Peter Baltensperger
  • Frosty by Alice Jacobs
  • Fun House by Kimber Vale
  • Butterfly Kisses by Duncan Meece
  • Sexual Madness by Rose de Fer
  • Terra Cupidus by Robin Tiergarten

The Big Book of Bizarro Erotica Collection (Kindle)

  • Trade Paperback

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