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One man's journey through life as he tries to reconcile the loss of his father by seeking the ultimate in physical perfection while battling his inner demons.

After finding his father's body shortly after his suicide, a six-year-old boy struggles with his fear of death and being "different." Turning to all things physical in nature, he struggles to find self-worth. He sets out on a quest to be bigger, faster, and stronger, his body acting as armour against emotional pain and fear of death. He will face both physical and mental abuse, homelessness, and incarceration along the way.

Throughout his quest, he will always refer to a life lesson about never giving up, two simple words taught to him by his Junior High Basketball Coach. "Shoulder Down!"

Those words took him from all the way to the Mr. Universe Stage in England.

Shoulder Down by Todd Payette (Paperback)

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