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After breaking up with his girlfriend Connie Mullins (Julie McCullough, Growing Pains, Big Bad Mama II) because she became a Christian, agnostic, Josh Davies (Gary Lee Vincent, Midnight, My Uncle John is a Zombie) is filled with a deep and unreasoning hatred against Christianity and his former girlfriend.


His life's about to change when he meets Bill Houston (Michael Ochotorena, John Light, Godsend) and his sultry sister Karen (Elley Ringo, Frozen Gold, The New Frontier), both members of the Black Circle, a mysterious group dedicated to eradicating Christianity.


Karen seems to have powers beyond the natural and quickly seduces Josh with a test: prove his love for her by killing his former girlfriend and destroying her church.


Can Josh find his way, or will he be forever damned by Karen's spell and her hellbent plot to destroy all that is good?


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Technical Details:

Color | Stereo | 66 minutes

Prove Your Love (DVD/Blu-ray)

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