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A florilegium of disparate, supernatural tales to keep you up at night with laughter and trepidation. 


Bursting Bubbles 
A clown and his balloon dog are traveling a lonely highway in the dark when they cross paths with an ancient enemy. 


Undead Ella
Cinderella's evil step-family has plans for her, but they don't know how determined zombies can be. 


Valerie Coconut Detective Agency
Valerie Coconut is low on cash and needs a paying client when her clown partner finds a sad Potato. 


Jeb's Dilemma
Young Jeb is excited that he is finally old enough to join the big boys club. He finds the secret to 
unlocking all of his heart's desires at the end of a hidden path behind the junkyard. 


Bloody Fun Makeovers
Heather has finally managed to make it into the popular clique. Will she pass the test and be the 
prettiest skank in town after her makeover?

A Gross Miscellany by Michelle Bowser (paperback)

SKU: 978-1948278065
  • Trade Paperback

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